Weekend pics

It was a beautiful weekend . Saturday was spent mostly for some shopping from Costco and a lots of reading in Barnes & Noble . On sunday we went for our first visit to Princeton University . It was a very chilly but sunny day . Roamed around in the beautiful university and enjoyed looking at the glorious fall colors .





IMG_7499Just couldn’t walk away without clicking this pic . It feels so good knowing that Yoga is being embraced everywhere.


IMG_7502Kashvi loved the pompom on her hat ­čÖé

IMG_7505Busy making leaves angels





Wish you a great day ahead

Namaste !

Gearing up for the big day

Tomorrow is a very important day . Tomorrow I start my yogabhyasa .

Since last couple of weeks I have been busy getting a space ready for my daily meditation and yoga . I have been cleaning up the house like a crazy lady as one of the doctrines of yoga is cleanliness ( saucha ) .  Purchased a tripod for taking pics of my asanas  . Reading as much about yoga as I could , to get ready mentally.

My main concern is still the same , getting up early everyday for the rest of my life . It sounds daunting . I still have not come up with a great idea to be able to do that everyday , but I will take it one day at a time and hoping that it becomes a habit after 21 days .

Meanwhile , enjoy some fun pics from my first trip to central park ­čÖé . The park is so huge that even after walking for 2-3 hrs. we have probably covered only 1/5th of it ┬áand it is as gorgeous as I had heard .






Namaste !