One of the most important step in discovering yourself is to meditate . Yoga is a way to keep your body healthy to facilitate meditation , but it is meditation which will eventually help you achieve eternal happiness .

With this fast paced life , all the modern technologies surrounding you and with all the demands to keep up with this ever changing world , its very easy to get stressed .   With meditation , you can actually take a moment to yourself and give your mind a much needed rest and help it to let go of  all the stress of the day .

After reading a lot about the ways to meditate , I have narrowed down some points which helps me and makes it easier to make meditation a daily habit .

1. Calming Sounds : One thing which helps me a lot to meditate is to listen to some meditation audios or just some sounds of waves or rain , whatever makes you calmer . Those sounds makes it really easy to let go of the thoughts .

2. Morning Meditation : Try to take out 10 mins first thing in the morning  to let in all the positive vibrations to start your day with a fresh and positive mind.

3. Evening Meditation : At the end of the day sit for another 10 mins to cleanse your mind of the chaos of the day before going to bed.

4. Concentrate on Breathing : Although there are many techniques for meditating , the simplest one to start with is to follow your breath . Just concentrate on your breath going in and expanding your chest and concentrate on your stomach when you are exhaling . Just keep switching between observing inhalation and exhalation .

5.  Sit Comfortably :  Easy Lotus pose is the one of the best posture for meditation , but you can sit on a chair or lie down if that feels comfortable to you as long as it keeps your alert and your spine is straight .

6. Don’t try too hard : Mind is designed to keep millions of thoughts in it at the same time .Don’t try to push it too hard to suddenly let go of its unique nature . Give it time . If you find yourself coming back from observing your breath to your thoughts, just observe these thoughts for a few moments and then go back to breath . With time you will find that this to and fro is happening less frequently and one day you will find your moment of peace .

I will keep posting about my progress and experiences with meditation

May you and I find peace 🙂

Namaste !


Searching it within

Hi , hope you are having a great day !

It was quite a relaxing saturday for me . Since it was drizzling the whole day , we just went out in the evening for a quick trip to kashvi’s fav mall playground , some grocery shopping and a nice dinner at Ruby Tuesday 🙂 . I just can’t get enough of the salad bar there . In fact every time I bring my plate back to the table I feel like Jim Carrey from the movie Fun with Dick and Jane . My plate almost looks like his 😀


Some pics of the day





My best part of the day was when I was driving Kashvi to playground and a song started on the player . I asked her

“Do you know which song is this ?”

she thought for a moment and said “Colbie Caillat” and it was indeed Colbie Caillat’s song ‘ You got me ‘ and then she started singing along with the song . Just listening to her singing , driving at night in the rain , it was one of those amazing moments where you feel like locking those moments for  later to enjoy it again and again .

It is that happiness and bliss of that one moment which I yearn for . What if someone tells you that you can stay that happy all through out the day , every day for the rest of your life . Wouldn’t you do everything to get that ? I know for a fact that it is not an impossible dream . We always have it within us but we rarely make any attempt to look for it . We always try to look for that outside . We always think that if I reach some specific goal or fulfill some materialistic need , I will be happy .Well those moments are still fleeting moments .

The only way you can stay happy is if you are happy from within  and the best part is if you are really happy you will see all your dreams manifesting right in front of your eyes . The way to go about doing that is meditation and only meditation .


Since meditation is an important stage of Yoga , I have started meditating in the morning and at night .  I am letting my mind guide my way to meditate and I will soon post about my process . Till then try to just sit still for 5-10 min in the morning before you start your day and at night .

Namaste !