Meditation Musings

Along with my daily practice , I am trying to make meditation as part of my practice too because you know , yoga is kind of incomplete without meditation . Only while doing meditation , I feel like I am imbibing all the positive energy and benefits of yoga . Lately , I feel like those moments , where you feel like you are more conscious and more present , are increasing every day .

There is a remarkable thing I have noticed and really wanted to write that down . Have you ever had those times when you are in a hurry , doing some chore and really want to get it over with fast , like cleaning the kitchen and some glass jar slips and breaks into thousand pieces or you spill milk all over the floor  ? how do you feel then ? really really frustated ? Well somehow something like happened to me recently and at that time I felt like it was the universe’s  way of telling me to slow down and enjoy what you are doing ? After that day , it has become so much easier for me to handle those moments . it just makes me appreciate and observe even the simple task which we take for granted .

Sometimes when life is too fast , it becomes difficult for us to pause and appreciate beauty all around us . So I have found the best way to pause is to take a step back when you face a setback . Look at the bigger picture instead of the small problem . You will see beauty even in that chaos  .

textgramNamaste !


Surya Namaskara Vinyasa 1

Vinyasa 1

1st Inhale

Drishti ( Focus point )  – Thumbs

Tadasana ( Mountain Pose)

Once you are in samasthiti , start taking a deep inhalation ,  turn your palms outwards and raise your hands up . Stretch your hands as much as you can and feel the stretch from your waist instead of shoulders . Turn your head and gaze up along with your hands till your palms are together .

One thing to keep in mind while doing this asana is that the whole movement of your hands and head should be synchronized with the breath and feel the breath driving the whole movement .

Keep the whole body active i.e., the stomach in the mula bandha and legs contracted up .

Focus ( Drishti) should be on your thumbs and feel the blessings of sun on yourself .

Namaste !