Meditation Musings

Along with my daily practice , I am trying to make meditation as part of my practice too because you know , yoga is kind of incomplete without meditation . Only while doing meditation , I feel like I am imbibing all the positive energy and benefits of yoga . Lately , I feel like those moments , where you feel like you are more conscious and more present , are increasing every day .

There is a remarkable thing I have noticed and really wanted to write that down . Have you ever had those times when you are in a hurry , doing some chore and really want to get it over with fast , like cleaning the kitchen and some glass jar slips and breaks into thousand pieces or you spill milk all over the floor  ? how do you feel then ? really really frustated ? Well somehow something like happened to me recently and at that time I felt like it was the universe’s  way of telling me to slow down and enjoy what you are doing ? After that day , it has become so much easier for me to handle those moments . it just makes me appreciate and observe even the simple task which we take for granted .

Sometimes when life is too fast , it becomes difficult for us to pause and appreciate beauty all around us . So I have found the best way to pause is to take a step back when you face a setback . Look at the bigger picture instead of the small problem . You will see beauty even in that chaos  .

textgramNamaste !


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