Movement Meditation

When I started reading about Ashtanga yoga , the term “Movement Meditation” came up a few times . Only after doing the practice regularly I have been able to appreciate its meaning . Once you really start getting the hang of the asanas and the flow of the practice , it gets easier to follow your breath . When your mind stays focused on the breath rather than the asanas , you can feel the silence of the meditation .

This is exactly what I was looking for all along . It really gladdens my heart every time I realize that I have really found my practice .  I go to a regular yoga class in the nearby gym , just to mix it up a little bit . Earlier I used to think that unless I find my yoga teacher and go to a class everyday , I will never be able to learn yoga . I know there is no substitute for a good yoga teacher , but now if asked , I would advise everyone to do home practice atleast once or twice a week , This is the time when you can really connect with the asanas , with your body and your breath . You will be able to feel the nuances of the asanas rather than focusing on the instruction of the the yoga teacher .



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