Gratitude brings Grace

Today,  the most awaited 21 Day meditation program by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey started . If anyone wants to join in , you can visit this link .

I can’t get enough of these meditations . Both of them have magic in their voices and the mantras given by Deepak Chopra really helps you get the deeper experience of meditation .

So this 21 day program is to be thankful for everything in your life and bring grace by feeling gratitude . The mantra for today was “Dhanyavaad” which means “Thank you” . One can actually be grateful for anything in their life – for their perfect health , for their amazing family or some little things in their daily life as well . Once you make it a habit of thanking about all the things you really appreciate in your life , you’ll start seeing the magic all around you .

Few years back , I read the famous book “The Secret” by Rhona Byrnes . She gave a very nice tip to incorporate gratitude in your life . When you get up , while finishing your morning rituals , you can start saying thank you for everything that comes in your mind , like , for having hot running water  for shower or for having healthy food on your table during breakfast etc. Once you start doing this , you will see that the list of things to be thankful for grows bigger everyday .


Namaste !


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