Lessons on the mat

Once you start doing yoga on a daily basis , I believe there are times where you might find moments of clarity . In those moments you might get some solutions to your problems or some enlightened thought . That’s why its important that you should be “in the moment” throughout your practice to be able to listen to these thoughts .

Something like this happened today with me and it made me feel really strong and happy . Everyday I can feel the difference in my strength and I realized that all this strength was always inside me and now I am just discovering it slowly .

Believe me when I say that , whenever I am doing some difficult asana ( I can finally do bakasana i.e., crow pose ) I have to find the strength inside me with my mind , only then I am able to lift off my body .


                 (Bakasana)            Source

So basically everyday I am training my mind to believe that I have the strength inside me .

Note to self : Never forget that you are doing yoga for your mind foremost and then for the body .

Namaste !


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