Meditation – Day 1 – Shivo Hum

Since meditation is one of the most important part of the full experience of yoga , I have started with Deepak Chopra’s meditation techniques .

Day 1 was to chant mantra “SHIVO HUM”


The first day is mostly directed towards removing blockages and impurities . This mantra helps in doing just that .

The meaning of this mantra is ” I am Shiva ” . SHIVO HUM  will align us with the Divine.  When we are aligned with the divinity , all our decision making aligns with the divine’s will . The choices we make towards our goal becomes the right choices .

This mantra gives us the state of happiness  This mantra helps to open us to our natural state of unlimited possibilities .

Hum activates the thyroid  providing energy and balance to the throat chakra , thus removing impurities and blockages .Once the blockages are removed , the path for kundalini gets clear and our individuality connects with the unbound potential of the subconscious .

Shivo Hum ! Shivo Hum ! Shivo Hum !

Happy meditation .

Namaste !


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