How I fell in love with myself


Nowadays , weight of a person and how one feels about himself/herself are very closely related . Many of us have spent countless hours on internet looking for a magical exercise or a magical diet which would help us loose all the unwanted weight and make us toned like those Victoria’s secret models . I know that because I might have spent many years doing just that  . I have had my share of ups and downs in the weight department but even when I was at my lowest weight , I was still critical of my looks . It took me few more years of letting go of all the insecurities and finally I can say that I fell in love with myself and in the process lost almost 40 lbs of my post pregnancy weight and some more .

1. Appreciate Yourself

The first time I realized that how I look is entirely how I feel about myself , it was a revelation to me . So most of the time when I was looking at the mirror and cursing my luck or genes or God for giving me thundering thighs or those flabby arms or big nose et cetera et cetera I am actually doing more harm than good .

The first thing I did after I had the epiphany is to appreciate myself the way I was ( I must tell you it was after I had my baby girl . In fact I was at my heaviest at that time and still had a long way to lose all that post pregnancy weight  ) Everyday I would look at myself and be thankful for my perfect body . I would say and feel that everything about my body is perfect . Everytime I would look at my picture , instead of grimacing , I would say that I look beautiful . In the beginning, it was not very easy to let go of a lifelong habit . It became easier with time and then I really started appreciating for what I am . This is the first and MOST IMPORTANT step because what  I am going to write after this point is what you know already , but once you start doing this, rest all will just come naturally  to you .

2. Eat Breakfast Like A King , Lunch Like  A Prince and Dinner Like A Pauper

Stick to this thumb rule and you will start loving your weighing scale . I eat really healthy and hearty breakfast without worrying too much about the calories or carbohydrate content . This is one meal which provides all the energy for almost the entire day so don’t skimp on it .  Lunch is also a decent meal with a mix of veggies/lentils/proteins and some quinoa/rice/Chappati . Most of the nights I really eat dinner like a pauper with some soup and any kind of vegetables or proteins . Since I don’t need much energy for sleeping I avoid taking carbohydrate or sweets at night . Whenever I crave for something sinful like dessert or pizzas etc I let myself indulge to these desires at lunch .

3. Drink Lots and Lots of  Water 

Well this is a no brainer . Stop drinking sugary beverages and whenever you feel like drinking something go for a big glass of water .

4. Eat Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables 

I find that most of the time its easier to eat healthy lunches or dinners but snacking is the most difficult meal to plan . Save all your fruits intake for snacking . Try to have a time set for snacking as well so that before you really feel the pangs of hunger hit you and make you reach for those cookies and chips , you would have satisfied yourself with a banana or two apples .

5. Stay Active

This is where Kashvi really helped me . Running behind her and handling her turned out to be a really good exercise for me . Everyone should get atleast some type of exercise in their daily routine but don’t get fixated on the losing weight part . Just have fun with it . Don’t make it a chore , make it your happy hour .

To re-emphasize the most important rule — Just Love Yourself and You Will See The Perfect You .

Hope you find this helpful.

Namaste !



Phew… I am back after an amazing 10 days . Expect few more posts about my 10 day adventures . Since all this started with Diwali , let me start with this post . I had started writing this post on Diwali night but got no time to post it . So here it is verbatim .


Since last two day I have been busy with the preparation of Diwali . There was cleaning to be done , sweets to be made , rangoli to be designed , and so on … phew !! Although there were no firecrackers involved but this was as good a diwali as could have been expected on a rainy day in the US .

Puja Thali





Blog pics


As you know , Diwali is the celebration about lights , so all I could ask in my prayers is to be enlightened .

Every time I savor the moment , every time I have gratitude for the gifts in my life , every time I slow down to see and feel the miracle all around me , I feel I am closer to my prayers being answered .

Namaste !