Vrikshasana ( Tree Pose )

After couple of standing poses, it’s time for a basic balancing pose .


Vrikshasana , as the name describes, resembles a tree . It keeps you grounded as well as make you reach the sky . I love this pose , although it is a little difficult in the beginning to get the balance and believe me when I tell you that you will wobble all over the place , but you just have to give it time and then you will see the beauty of this pose . To start with, there is a simple variation pose


Once you feel that you are able to balance , then you can start stretching your hands upwards and get your foot higher little bit at a time . In time you will notice that your legs are getting stronger and it strengthens your core as well and who doesn’t like a strong stomach and back .

I couldn’t find a picture of this asana done by Shri Krishnamacharya so I have only put my picture  this time .

Few instructions to keep in mind while doing this asana :

1. Stand tall with your hands by your side.

2. Bend your right knee and place your foot on the inside of left thigh . The left leg should be straight

3. Once you find your balance , take a deep breath and place your hands in namaste  . You can either put your hands in front of your chest or you can raise them up , whichever position is comfortable for you .

4. Look straight ahead and take deep breaths . Just be with your breath and observe your stance , it should be straight and stretched .

5. When you are ready , you can bring down your hands and leg with a slow exhale and repeat the same for the other side .

Namaste !


Weekend pics

It was a beautiful weekend . Saturday was spent mostly for some shopping from Costco and a lots of reading in Barnes & Noble . On sunday we went for our first visit to Princeton University . It was a very chilly but sunny day . Roamed around in the beautiful university and enjoyed looking at the glorious fall colors .





IMG_7499Just couldn’t walk away without clicking this pic . It feels so good knowing that Yoga is being embraced everywhere.


IMG_7502Kashvi loved the pompom on her hat 🙂

IMG_7505Busy making leaves angels





Wish you a great day ahead

Namaste !