Pics of the week ( 9/21 – 9/28)

Some  nice moments from the week  which I could capture on camera 🙂


20140922_183105Just love the fall decorations everywhere

20140926_191646A quiet evening at Ikea with Kashvi playing in the ballroom behind me ( if you look really hard you will be able to see her )

20140926_195419My dream kitchen at Ikea ( the picture is still not doing justice) . Now I definitely know that my kitchen is going to be all white .

20140927_114724My little Cinderella .. she wanted to wear glass slippers to go with the dress 🙂

20140927_134044Brunch at Denny’s ( Ate an amazing turkey avocado sandwich there )

20140927_134200My absolute favs 🙂

Wish you a great week ahead .

Namaste !


How to eat lightly while dining out

Hi , hope you are having a great day.

The idea for this post came to me suddenly when I was having dinner outside few days back . I love dining out, not because I am crazy about food but I love dressing up , going out and have a nice and relaxed conversation with my husband.  So dinners are always a nice outing . Even though the one rule I follow while eating , which is ,

Eat Breakfast like a King , Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper

It gets difficult to follow this rule when you are presented with so many amazing options in the restaurant . And if you have gone to the restaurants in the US , have you seen the portion sizes there ??? So there are some tips I follow when I go out for dinners which helps me to enjoy the food while keeping it light . Hope these tips will help you too.

1. Water is your best friend  –  Stick to water when you dine out . You wouldn’t want unnecessary sugar and calories to pile up at night as you don’t have much time and activity left in the day to use all of it . You can order sparkling water if you want to be a little fancy 🙂


  2.  Limit the bread – Those complimentary breads are no doubt mouthwatering when you are hungry and waiting for the main course , but try to limit it to just a couple of bites . In that way  , you will get to enjoy its taste and still avoid too much calories .

 bread-basket-700x450 Source

3. Salads … yumm  – If there is a salad bar , you will always find me there and in places where salads are part of the meal , I fill myself up with salads so that when I would be eating the main course , I wouldn’t be eating like a hungry wolf .


4.  Share or take home –  Luckily for me , my husband and I have same taste , so we mostly share an entree ( I am not sure if its uncouth but I actually care more about my health then what the waiter would be thinking about me ) . If I am with someone with whom I cannot share  , I just eat half of it and take the other half home and enjoy it at lunch in a day or two  . The pictures you see here is from my dinner few days back , this is just to give you an idea , that this whole thing was just one entree .. Can you believe it ? My whole family shared this entree 😀




5. No dessert for me .. Thanks  – Luckily I am not a big fan of desserts ,  so its easier for me to say no to dessert when asked . When I do order , its almost always during lunch like this glorious pumpkin pie ( the whipped cream was only for Kashvi 🙂 ) .  But for those who absolutely love desserts there is always rule no. 4 . Share or take home 🙂


Hope you find these tips helpful .

Namaste !